Established in1990, PrimEst has been reputed for "High Precision", "High Quality ", and "High Productivity". Having specialized in CNC turning OEM/ODM and customized CNC turning parts for 30 years, we have been highly recognized by our customers, mostly iconic enterprises in the fastener / metal precision part industry, as an outstanding manufacturer in this field. Our diverse CNC turning products: Special screw nuts / Screws / Connectors / Medical equipment parts / Electronic pieces / Aerospace parts / semiconductor equipment parts / fluid system and air compressor components.
Our material capability: Stainless Steel /Steel / Alloy Steel / Copper / Titanium / PVC etc. Pioneering leadership and outstanding teamwork is our foundation. We take pride in offering our customers with highly customized professional services. With our core principles—intelligence, Innovation, Infinity, we dedicate ourselves to the greatest satisfaction of our customers with innovations in high quality machining techniques and elevation of our ability in on-time delivery with great yield rate.

Product & Service
  • CNC Automatic Lathes
  • CNC Automatic Lathes
    ● Automatic Robotic Arm
    ● Automatic Feeding System
  • CNC Turning and Milling Center
  • 2.5D Vision Measuring Machine
    Surface Roughness Tester
    Concentricity Measure Apparatus
    Electronic Height Gauge
    Thread Plug/Ring Gauge of Various
  • Gauge Block
    Vernier Calipers
    Angle Gauge
PrimEst Co., Ltd
PrimEst Co., Ltd
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